Gotthard – #13

Swiss rockers Gotthard have been around for 28 years selling millions of records worldwide and now with the new album “#13” they proudly show an undiluted passion for rock ‘n’ roll. 

“Bad News” has an entertaining sleazy rock mood fueled by the gritty energy of the rhythmic rampage built by bold guitar riffs and obviously the wild rock spirit is perfectly embodied by the vibrant vocal delivery. 

“Every Time I Die” is another catchy track that delivers a generous dosage of fervent rhythmic progressions and the guitar riffs keep alive a classic hard rock sound with solid riffage and fancy shredding.  

“10.000 Faces”maintains a traditional rock approach full of groovy guitar riffs that naturally generate engaging rhythmic patterns emphasized by the memorable big chorus and the perfect rocker style vocals. 

“Better Than Love” has a nostalgic atmosphere so the tempo slows down a bit to match this softer emotive mood emphasized by the catchy chorus yet guitars can still concoct fiery riffs and a rather wild solo. 

“Man On A Mission” will become a favorite immediately as guitars this time focus on warm bluesy tonalities and glowing melodic passages to enrich the classic rock formula leading to a slow burning rhythm accompanied by soulful vocal harmonies. 

“No Time To Cry” begins with a heartfelt ballad style evoking a sheer melancholia that will linger through the subtle atmospheric arrangements while guitars eventually pick up speed with loads of bouncy riffs and flamboyant leads.

The final track “Rescue Me” features lovely acoustic passages that enhance a sentimental motif while the captivating vocal delivery and the dazzling lead guitar work convey a thrilling hard rock flair. 

“#13” is everything you would expect from veteran rockers Gotthard demonstrating that they have no intention to stop creating super catchy hard rock anthems and still hold an influential status within the current music scene. 

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