Hyborian – Volume II

Kansas City sludge rockers Hyborian continue to tell the story of the fictional character ‘The Traveller’ who survives the end of the world on the sophomore album “Volume II”.

“Driven By Hunger” immediately hits you in the face with a massive series of guitar driven grooves full of monolithic riffs that showcase an untamed heavy sludge approach while the soloing manages to channel slightly melodic somber vibes. 

“Sanctuary” continues to unleash serious grooves as guitars lead the way with a generous dosage of harsh riffage mixed with some appealing proggy leads well supported by a powerful rhythmic section and a bold vocal delivery.  

“The Entity” is another charismatic track that relies on the gritty strength of the guitar riffs to build constant pummeling rhythmic dynamics but also showcases a darkened mood emphasized by the dismal tonalities of the intriguing solo. 

“Expanse” sounds rather aggressive as ravenous screams highlight the belligerent aspects of the rhythmic rampage yet there are some calmer prog oriented variations that add glowing refined melodies. 

The grand finale is embodied by the complexity of “In The Hall Of The Travellers” which can maintain an unstoppable rhythmic march and guitars tend to amplify the prog metal influences delivering memorable inflamed leads that will ultimately give way to contemplative melodies and futuristic atmospheres. 

Undoubtedly “Volume II” has all the raw energy of sludge embedded in every guitar riff and you can easily appreciate how Hyborian are gradually and confidently developing a personal music vision.  

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