Solothus – Realm Of Ash And Blood

Finnish death/doom metallers Solothus dwell within a world of darkness and despair on the third full length “Realm Of Ash And Blood”.

Accompanied by obscure cavernous growls the ominous weight of the rhythmic section on “Father Of Sickness” clearly showcases a traditional doom inspiration while the excellent melodic guitar leads successfully add variety and dismal feelings. 

“The Gallows’ Promise” immediately conveys a darkened sonic realm with mournful phrases swiftly followed by monolithic rhythmic patterns that can unleash dramatically heavier dynamics and remind you of an impending doom. 

On “Below Black Waters” the elaborate guitar work and the slow monumental rhythm generate a gloomy grandeur enriched by extremely sorrowful melodic passages that naturally lead to a passionate guitar solo. 

The grand finale is embodied by the lengthy “A Rain Of Ash” which stands out as the most complex track of the album offering an overload of sharp guitar riffs and charismatic leads well supported by a groovy rhythmic ensemble that will eventually slow down to highlight a particularly dramatic doom oriented momentum enriched by an extensive enthralling solo. 

Throughout “Realm Of Ash And Blood” Solothus confidently show their skilled musicianship and stay true to a lugubrious blend of doom & death metal that maintains a fair balance between harsh grooves and forlorn melodic progressions. 

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