Omega Infinity – Solar Spectre

Multiinstrumentalist Tentakel P. of Todtgelichter and vocalist Xenoyr of Ne Obliviscaris joined forces to create the new obscure music project Omega Infinity and the debut release “Solar Spectre” seems to be fueled by an intense cosmic energy. 

Since the very beginning “Mars” delivers a relentless blackened rhythmic assault with belligerent riffage and drumming accompanied by cavernous growls so such harsh ensemble might leave you shattered while the experimental approach provides a mix of frenetic industrial vibes and suspenseful atmospheric layers.  

On “Jupiter” the rhythmic section often amplifies a menacing industrial mood and while the resulting breathless patterns enhance the hostile tonalities of the guitar work the rich ambient layers convey an overwhelming galactic darkness. 

“Neptune” focuses mainly on a multilayered ambient composition and ethereal vocals to create contemplative cinematic soundscapes while the gelid tones of the gritty rhythmic momentum still evoke dismal emotions.

Everything gets darker as “Saturn” returns to a quite chaotic pathway featuring some dominant post apocalyptic industrial motifs that enrich the ominous energy of the tumultuous rhythm and the ferocious growls. 

The blackened rhythmic blasts on “Terra” just seem unstoppable leading to a quite oppressive mood with an overload of frantic guitar riffs yet some moody quasi melodic guitar progressions manage to tone down these aggressive dynamics. 

Omega Infinity define their music style as ‘void metal’ but certainly the extra heavy segments of “Solar Spectre” showcase a strong black metal inspiration naturally surrounded by a dark ambient aura generating an enigmatic sonic realm. 

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