Executioner’s Mask – Despair Anthems

Featuring Jay Gambit of noise metal unit Crowhurst on vocals, Ryan Wilson from Intestinal Disgorge on synth and drum programming, and LACE and Cop Warmth’s Craig Mickle on guitar, Executioner’s Mask focuses on darkwave and post-punk elements to create the compelling soundscapes of the debut album “Despair Anthems”. 

“The Defilers” sets the mood with a goth tinged atmosphere and baritone vocals that can immediately convey a darkened sonic realm emphasized by murky guitar phrases and pulsating beats. 

The irresistible goth flair of “No Funeral” generates an overdose of moody & utterly catchy guitar driven grooves enriched by the haunting atmospheric accents and the theatrical vocal delivery. 

On “Bury Me A Grave” the synths add some creepy vibes that spontaneously amplify the inner raw energy of the guitar work within a borderline depressing atmosphere. 

On “1988” a nostalgic mood lingers through the shimmering melodic progressions and the subtle atmospheric layers while the slick rhythmic section maintains a darkened groovy momentum with gritty riffage. 

The laid back rhythm of “True Blue” can easily induce daydreaming as the bittersweet guitar harmonies and the calm vocals express somber emotions surrounded by spacey darkened atmospheric tapestries. 

You can instantly perceive a shroud of sadness throughout “Desperation Rising” as the monochromatic melodies and the distorted phrases flow gently following a gloomy slow paced rhythm. 

While despair & darkness are the main motifs behind the composition of “Despair Anthems” Executioner’s Mask can also create addictive dancey grooves that will definitely captivate the listeners. 

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