Deeper Graves – Open Roads

Deeper Graves is the solo venture of Jeff Wilson of Chrome Waves and ex-Nachtmystium and this new music endeavor begins with the hazy soundscapes of the debut release “Open Roads”.  

“Final Divide” immediately showcases the moody feelings that characterize the whole album as the slow paced instrumental ensemble manifests a major shoegaze inspiration with glowing guitar phrases and refined cello harmonies cutting through the dense atmospheric waves. 

“Leave This World” dwells within a gloomy atmospheric realm where darkened guitar tonalities build energetic rhythmic crescendos and the soothing melodic textures channel dreamy post rock nuances.  

The darkly alluring rhythm of “Ode To War” evokes irresistible goth rock vibes with pulsating drum beats, low vocal tones and shimmering guitar melodies that make you wanna dance under the moonlight.

“In Memoriam” closes the album with an intense sense of nostalgia as the contemplative rhythm highlights the hypnotizing power of the blurry multilayered atmospheric arrangements and the monochromatic melodic guitars. 

On “Open Roads” Wilson has a chance to truly show his abilities handling all writing, instrumentation and production to ultimately bring to life his personal sonic vision. 

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