Kingnomad – Sagan Om Rymden

The music of Swedish band Kingnomad is characterized by an interesting blend of 70s prog and proto-metal elements that come to life through the fascinating soundscapes of the latest album “Sagan Om Rymden”. 

The sonic realm of “Omniverse” already channels a comforting cosmic energy through the inspiring melodic phrases and the groovy rhythmic patterns that benefit from the magical retro tonalities. 

The majestic track “Tillbakablik – The Usurper King” tends to amplify the luminous prog rock style of the guitar work crafting smooth melodies accompanied by a soulful vocal performance yet the rhythmic section will eventually deliver some energetic grooves and an extensive psychedelic tinged guitar solo will emphasize the inner space rock temper. 

On “Multiverse” the soothing melodic essence flourishes through the charming oriental style of the guitar passages that often showcase compelling prog twists especially evident during the rhythmic crescendos embellished by the vintage flair of the spacey keyboards arrangements. 

The retro feel continues to influence the whole instrumental ensemble of “On The Shoulders Of Giants” as the shimmering guitar tonalities and the consequent moody melodies combined with subtle psychedelic accents can take you back in time. 

“The Unanswered Question” truly aims to hypnotize you with the tasteful melodic guitars that glow through a steady no frills groovy rhythm surrounded by another good dosage of psychedelic tones embedded within the keyboards work. 

The strength of “Sagan Om Rymden” certainly comes from the multifaceted songwriting approach and the psychedelic nuances that instantly make you wanna join Kingnomad on this new intriguing sonic journey. 

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