Stonebirds – Collapse And Fail

Hailing from central Britanny, Stonebirds confidently follow a monumental stoner doom/sludge pathway to deliver an overdose of intense grooves and to embrace a spiritual melodic catharsis on the latest full length “Collapse And Fail”.

“Only God” immediately showcases a riff worshipping approach as guitars inevitably take the center stage generating a series of quite aggressive & obscure rhythmic patterns yet there is space for calmer mournful melodic progressions which naturally evoke grim feelings. 

Throughout “Stay Clean” the massive guitar driven grooves tend to be the main focus with a generous dosage of monolithic riffs while the somber emotions become more palpable within the contemplative atmospheric waves and the cold melodic tapestries.  

The overwhelming gloom of “Turn Off The Light” flourishes through the sorrowful guitar melodies which can spontaneously lead to slower brooding passages but often borrow the lugubrious energy of doom metal during the dramatically heavier segments emphasized by the tormented vocal delivery. 

On the title track the robust rhythmic section can create shattering patterns accompanied by vicious screams so you can instantly perceive a distress call while the darkly compelling arpeggios showcase a ghastly post-metal inspiration that can almost bring a pale sense of hope. 

The bold groovy dynamics on “Collapse And Fail” are often fueled by a darkened doom force that seems to leave no hope as Stonebirds genuinely take the chance to express harrowing emotions. 

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