Misery Signals – Ultraviolet

For Misery Signals the new full length “Ultraviolet” symbolizes a rebirth since it’s the first album in seven years and it features all founding members demonstrating a renewed creative force and camaraderie. 

The chunky guitar riffs of “The Tempest” foreshadow a quite hostile rhythmic ensemble in fact the drum blasts sound quite vicious and the growls never cease to channel pure fury in contrast with the luminous tranquility of the melodic phrases. 

“River King” begins with heartfelt guitar harmonies following a mellow minimalist rhythm and the resulting dreamy vibes will linger through the elegant guitar melodies but an overdose of crunchy riffs accompanied by darkened atmospheric accents will generate belligerent dynamics. 

The inner melancholy of “The Fall” naturally leads to a memorable blend of enticing guitar melodies and hazy atmospheric moments accompanied by gentle clean vocals while the heavier passages feature intriguing technical rhythmic twists. 

In the beginning “Cascade Locks” evokes somber emotions focusing on soft melodies that introduce a cohesive series of savage rhythmic patterns yet a perennial melancholy continues to emerge through the sophisticated guitar progressions and the atmospheric momentum. 

There is a glowing sense of hope on “Some Dreams” as guitars once again can create soothing melodic passages while the explosive rhythmic section will continue to showcase a violent approach with blistering riffage and unrestrained drumming. 

You can expect to find monumental guitar driven grooves throughout “Ultraviolet” as Misery Signals confidently embrace a ferocious & heavy sonic pathway yet they also aim to show a vulnerable side through contemplative melodic textures. 

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