Ages – Uncrown

Swedish black metallers Ages have worked meticulously to create the darkened gelid soundscapes of the sophomore release “Uncrown” constantly fueled by a mysterious Nordic force. 

The traditional black metal roots fully manifest throughout “Burn Them” as the tremolo picking naturally generates ominous rhythmic crescendos enhanced by the tormented growls and the sense of despair flowing through the slower melodic passages. 

While the cold guitar riffs on “Illicit State” always maintain a blackened essence the lavish atmospheric arrangements can convey a solemn mood that certainly embellishes the mixture of mournful melodies and fierce rhythmic blasts. 

On “A Hollow Tomb” smooth arpeggios and refined atmospheric tapestries can naturally evoke a profound melancholia that will inevitably linger even through the heavier lugubrious rhythmic patterns to emphasize the inner melodic essence. 

On “Undivine” the focus shifts to the comforting tonalities of the opulent melodic guitar work and the consequent grave feelings while the main rhythmic ensemble still relies on a significantly darker inspiration.  

“Pyres” closes the album offering an epic grandeur through imposing chants and sumptuous atmospheric layers while the bewitching guitar riffs & melodies skillfully focus on the dramatic depth of the frostbitten soundscapes conjuring arcane vibes. 

On “Uncrown” Ages aim to blend a raw black metal energy and a cathartic melodic soul leading to a captivating sonic realm filled with contrasting feelings and multifaceted tonalities.

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