Selbst – Relatos De Angustia

Founded by instrumentalist/vocalist/composer/lyricist ‘N’, Selbst embarks on an immersive sonic journey through the darkest & coldest soundscapes of the sophomore album “Relatos De Angustia”. 

Listening to “Deafening Wailing Of The Desperate Ones” you can constantly perceive a sense of despair as the growls confidently emerge from hellish depths and the strength of the cascading guitar riffs relies on the absolutely gelid tonalities which also generate crestfallen melodic accents.  

Under a shroud of darkness “Silent Soul Throes” manifests intense blackened dynamics as malignant guitar riffs and monumental drums march fiercely through a solemn atmosphere and frostbitten melodic tapestries channeling overwhelming grim emotions. 

On “Sculpting The Dirtiness Of Its Existence” the enticing melodic progressions and the mournful guitar tonalities often become the main focus evoking a comforting melancholia while the rhythmic section will continue to convey a lugubrious sonic realm delivering fiery blackened blasts. 

The dramatic depth of “Let The Pain Run Through” comes to life through the immense gloom expressed by the sorrowful guitar phrases which naturally reach the acme with a spellbinding solo that emphasizes the song’s inner melodic essence destined to flourish through the epic atmospheric waves. 

“Relatos De Angustia” could easily become your favorite soundtrack for solitary confinement as Selbst guides you through a fascinating darkened sonic maze to explore the depths of your soul. 

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