Völur – Death Cult

Avant-garde Canadian trio Völur invites you to enter the spellbinding dark world of the third full length “Death Cult” which immediately stands out for the intricate composition generating arcane folk doom soundscapes. 

“Inviolate Grove” has a remarkable ritualistic flair and immediately shows the fundamental role of the violin that becomes a spiritual guide through the undiluted darkness crafting intriguing harmonies and even heavier dynamics that shift from classic doom vibes to dissonant twists. 

The doom flair feels strong on “Dead Moon” as the slow cathartic rhythm leads you through a darkened atmospheric grandeur while the bewitching violin melodies can naturally acquire exquisite classical nuances while the tormented screams channel an obscure force. 

The dissonant tonalities and the mystifying chants on “Freyjan Death Cult” foreshadow a perilous descent into an ancestral darkened realm and once again the eclectic violin will surprise you with elegant melodies and primordial rhythmic patterns that ultimately lead to a chaotic momentum reaching the acme with a blistering electric violin solo.  

We are still traveling through the darkest depths as the solemn choirs emphasize the esoteric vibes of ”Reverend Queen” which delivers an overload of mournful rhythmic crescendos that allow the violin to create addictive sinister patterns accompanied by the perfect dosage of harsh growls and precise drumming while in the finale the violin effortlessly crafts gorgeous somber melodies. 

Undoubtedly the strength of “Death Cult” comes from the unique style and the darkly alluring instrumental dynamics that Völur have mastered following a desire to push boundaries and a passionately enigmatic songwriting approach. 


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