Obsidian Kingdom – Meat Machine

Spanish experimental rockers Obsidian Kingdom continue to bravely push boundaries on the latest release “Meat Machine” which from beginning to end manifests an eclectic songwriting approach.  

“The Edge” tend to rely on the raw energy of acidic guitar riffs to create robust groovy patterns with a hardcore attitude but will eventually embrace an atmospheric ensemble characterized by darkened & dreamy nuances. 

On “The Pump” vocals and guitars focus on a rather harsh sonic assault that leads to chaotic yet rather catchy patterns interrupted by the futuristic tonalities of the calmer atmospheric arrangements.  

“Mr Pan” immediately follows a more electro oriented pathway as the synths carefully craft a darkly soothing atmosphere at times spiced up by the bold rhythmic section and the wild shredding of the extensive guitar solo. 

On “Flesh World” the atmospheric tapestries flow gently like fading memories embellished by charming vocal harmonies and shimmering electronic accents while the melodic guitar work also enhances the melancholic mood. 

A lovely melancholia continues to linger through the atmospheric layers and the moody guitar melodies on “Meat Star” nevertheless the tormented vocals and the rhythmic tension can easily channel a somber heavier momentum. 

“A Foe” begins with a bittersweet ballad style piano and an ethereal vocal delivery that emphasize the emotional motif while synths and guitars fully embrace an enigmatic post-rock inspiration that conveys a mysterious atmosphere. 

There is so much going on throughout “Meat Machine” and trying to pinpoint a specific musical direction becomes futile as Obsidian Kingdom deliberately aim to surprise the audience creating a rich multifaceted sonic realm. 

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