Dordeduh – Har

Romanian band Dordeduh has developed a unique artistic vision on the ambitious sophomore release “Har” which dwells within a darkened world drawing inspiration also from ancient traditions.
“Timpul întâilor” opens the album with arcane atmospheric nuances and the eloquent folk tinged melodies will always hold a dominant role evoking sombre feelings further enhanced by the soulful clean vocal delivery while pummeling drums and crunchy riffage can easily build a significantly heavier blackened momentum.
“În vieliștea uitării” relies on the perfect combo of dreamy atmospheric arrangements and refined melodic guitar phrases expressing a profound sense of nostalgia yet there is still space for energetic rhythmic patterns amplified by belligerent growls.
On “Descant” the guitar work triggers a catchy rhythm but can also craft mellow melodic progressions embellished by the cinematic nature of the atmospheric layers that will often acquire opulent epic nuances.
On “Vraci de nord” the intricate atmospheric keyboards and the delicate guitar harmonies take you far away in the middle of an ancient forest enhancing the presence of folk elements in contrast with the obscure blackened force of the heavier rhythmic patterns.
The multifaceted approach on “De neam vergur” combines immersive melodic passages featuring luminous guitar tonalities and interesting proggy rhythmic dynamics that will eventually evolve into an ominous ensemble channeling once again cold extreme metal influences.
The strength of “Har” certainly comes from the great sonic diversity as Dordeduh invite you to embark on a journey into the unknown carefully blending magical melodies and fiery black metal elements.

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