E-L-R – Vexier

Swiss doomgaze trio E-L-R channels pure cosmic energy to meticulously craft dreamy soundscapes throughout the sophomore album “Vexier”.
“Opiate The Sun” will inevitably hypnotize you through a mysterious atmosphere that seamlessly evolves into an immersive rhythmic ensemble fueled by the exquisite darkened guitar tonalities and the forlorn melodic accents.
On “Three Winds” the rhythmic section reveals an obscure blackened inspiration following a faster tempo and emphasizing the dominant role of the abrasive guitar riffs while the distant chanting and the gloomy melodic progressions add a captivating mystical flair.
Throughout “Fleurs Of Decay” the mood shifts from a harsh momentum to contemplative passages as guitars skillfully create a monochromatic rhythmic maze and the consequent loop of darkened hazy progressions could induce a trance state.
Emerging from a distant dimension “Forêt” embraces ritualistic vibes through the arcane percussion while the lysergic guitar work evokes mesmerizing shoegaze influence but also a strong primordial doom force ultimately leading to monolithic patterns that will morph into an otherworldly atmospheric finale.
“Vexier” symbolizes an adventurous voyage as E-L-R confidently combine enigmatic psychedelic nuances and surreal darkened atmospheric textures to instantly spellbind the listeners.

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