Vio-Lence – Let The World Burn

Returning as a full time band back in 2019, thrash metal veterans Vio-Lence are finally ready to release the first new material in 29 years on the vicious five-song EP “Let The World Burn”.
Without any hesitation “Flesh From Bone” unleashes insane grinding guitar riffs and fast hostile drumming following an old school thrash pathway and the extensive guitar solo diligently delivers some majestic acrobatics.
Throughout “Screaming Always” the relentless riffage and the spiteful screams demand extra speed and absolute fury but an appealing somber melodic ensemble eventually generates contemplative vibes.
The ruthless rhythmic onslaught of “Upon Their Cross” clearly relies on the colossal bass lines and the visceral guitar work providing diversity with a majestic shredding galore and keeping alive a beloved thrash metal legacy with abrasive riffs.
The extremely groovy title track can leave you shattered and helpless as the scorching guitar riffs simply seem unstoppable leading to savage rhythmic dynamics while the slower ominous passages aptly feature a nightmarish speech.
Ultimately “Let The World Burn” has the power to instantly trigger a brutal moshpit and symbolizes a true rebirth as Vio-Lence proudly stay true to their authentic thrash metal legacy and have a chance to manifest a massive energetic creativity.

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