The Hellacopters – Eyes Of Oblivion

Swedish iconic rockers The Hellacopters make an explosive comeback delivering irresistible grooves on the first full-length in 14-years entitled “Eyes Of Oblivion”.
“Reap A Hurricane” fully showcases a timeless rocker style with an overload of big & loud guitar riffs and flamboyant soloing leading to a memorable chorus that makes you wanna party all night long.
“So Sorry I Could Die” instantly conveys pure nostalgia and romanticism with the charismatic bittersweet vocal performance surrounded by the warm bluesy guitar progressions and the dazzling piano melodies.
Without any hesitation the title track returns to an energetic rhythmic rampage focusing on a successful combo of edgy guitar riffs and wild leads naturally channeling a glorious retro rock style.
“Beguiled” easily provides another super catchy chorus and an ideal dosage of guitar driven grooves enriched by a fervent solo and bright piano tonalities.
The slower tempo of “The Pressure’s On” evokes somber feelings and puts the spotlight on the melancholia infused guitar melodies and the soulful vocal delivery.
The party is still on as “Try Me Tonight” emphasizes a rebellious spirit with the addictive passionate chorus and the slick guitar work well supported by the cheerful stomping rhythmic section.
Despite the long hiatus The Hellacopters will certainly please their faithful fanbase and confirm their influential status with the supercharged vintage rock vibes of “Eyes Of Oblivion”.

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