Black Void – Antithesis

Featuring mastermind Lars Are Nedland, renowned for his work in legendary Borknagar, Black Void symbolizes the flipside of his melodic hard rock band White Void and clearly manifests a visionary punk/black metal approach on the new album “Antithesis” inspired by the philosophical works of Friedrich Nietzsche.
The crust punk energy of “Void” leads to a belligerent rhythmic rampage yet a soulful melodic essence is destined to emerge through the melancholia infused guitar harmonies and the soothing clean vocal delivery.
On “Reject Everything” the harsh guitar riffs take the center stage generating impactful grooves enhanced by the ravenous growls but as the tempo slows down a bit the moody atmosphere reveals a dramatic depth.
“Death To Morality” focuses on an irresistible groovy blackened momentum constantly fueled by the soaring guitar riffs and the primal growls by guest vocalist Hoest of Taake in contrast with the calmer clean vocals and the cold melodic textures.
“No Right, No Wrong” skillfully combines savage rhythmic blasts evoking a perennial darkness and eloquent melodic accents that effortlessly emphasize catchy vibes and refined guitar tonalities.
Featuring spiteful growls courtesy of Sakis Tolis of Rotting Christ “Dadaist Disgust” channels an obscure blackened force through the unrestrained riffage and the breakneck speed building an intense rhythmic tension enriched by some smooth melodic guitar leads.
Dwelling within a metaphysical dimension Black Void never fails to unleash pure aggression and constantly demands your attention with the twisted rhythmic patterns of “Antithesis”.

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