The Halo Effect – Days Of The Lost

Featuring extraordinary musicians Gothenburg’s newest melo-death metal supergroup The Halo Effect proudly releases the highly anticipated debut album “Days Of The Lost”.
The golden days of melo-death metal are perfectly represented by the infectious riffage of “Shadowminds” which marks a memorable beginning combining an overdose of harsh guitar riffs, sweeping melodic phrases and modern atmospheric tapestries.
The title track picks up a faster energetic tempo enhanced by the hammering drum blasts and Mikael Stanne’s visceral growls while the crispy guitar leads and the excellent solo focus on a polished melodic essence.
During “Conditional” the slower moments clearly emphasize a gloomy mood through elegant guitar phrases but the precise rhythmic section certainly has the chance to provide proper death metal patterns.
“In Broken Trust” skillfully showcases an ideal balance between fiery guitar driven grooves and cathartic melodic passages within a refined atmospheric ensemble consequently the soulful clean vocals amplify a beloved Nordic melancholia.
The poetic strings intro of “Last Of Our Kind” swiftly leads to a quite aggressive rhythmic rampage highlighting the perfect combo of relentless riffage and gruesome growls featuring guest vocalist Matt Heafy of Trivium.
Staying true to an irresistible melo-death formula “The Most Alone” brings a contemplative closure with a captivating series of darkened melodic crescendos and soothing wintry guitar tonalities.
“Days Of The Lost” is bound to conquer all acolytes of the legendary Gothenburg melo-death scene with plenty of melodic hooks as The Halo Effect never fails to showcase true passion and brilliant musicianship.

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