Disillusion – Ayam

German avant-garde pioneers Disillusion embrace a fascinating sonic evolution reflecting on existential questions on the latest eclectic record “Ayam”.
The monolithic opus “Am Abgrund” showcases a complex composition putting the spotlight on the brilliant guitar work shifting from deeply melancholic melodies enhanced by the soulful vocals and the elegant atmospheric tapestries to absolutely fiery rhythmic patterns that can easily grab your attention and express contrasting emotions.
Surrounded by multi-layered hazy atmospheric textures “Tormento” shifts the focus on the speed & fury of the perfect combo of hammering drums and vitriolic guitar riffs ultimately leading to a wild proggy solo.
“Abide The Storm” can effortlessly deliver some harsh rhythmic blasts while the mellow passages featuring wistful guitar melodies and a gentle vocal delivery evoke pure poetry reaching the acme with a charismatic solo.
The magical atmosphere and the compelling melodies of “From The Embers” can take you far away once again emphasizing an emotional approach while guitars certainly have the force to create sophisticated leads and inflamed riffage.
“The Brook” marks a gloomy album closure as the passionate vocals flow gracefully through a delicate atmospheric ensemble while the darkened guitar tonalities and the enchanting piano naturally generate gripping melodic crescendos.
The multi-dimensional sonic realm of “Ayam” can always surprise you as Disillusion skillfully blend opulent cinematic soundscapes, enchanting melodies and aggressive death metal elements to create a memorable work of music.

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