Avatarium – Death, Where Is Your Sting

Swedish doom metal band Avatarium bravely continues to shape a unique sonic identity on the fifth record “Death, Where Is Your Sting” focusing on an ideal blend of darkness and poetry.
The bittersweet romance of “A Love Like Ours” lingers through the elegant violins and the exquisite atmospheric tapestries while guitars create darkened slow burning melodic crescendos to complement Jennie-Ann Smith’s impeccable vocal performance.
On “Stockholm” the guitar riffs instantly acquire a traditional doom flair enhancing the eerie atmosphere in contrast with the deeply melancholic acoustic phrases and the heart wrenching vocal harmonies.
The mood becomes darker as “God Is Silent” focuses mainly on fierce doom laden rhythmic patterns fueled by the monolithic drumming and the heavy weight of the guitar riffs which ultimately lead to an extensive blistering solo.
“Nocturne” features a wilder rhythmic rampage highlighting the dominant role of the gritty guitars yet there is an inner melodic soul bound to emerge within the softer chorus and the harrowing solo.
The instrumental final track “Transcendent” spellbinds the listeners with wistful atmospheric arrangements and warm acoustic passages that will naturally evolve into a mournful doom rhythmic ensemble embellished by classical violins.
From beginning to end “Death, Where Is Your Sting” successfully showcases a diverse composition revolving around Jennie-Ann’s exceptional vocals as Avatarium aim to express profound emotions without forgetting their strong doom metal roots.

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