Isafjørd – Hjartastjaki

Featuring extraordinary artists Aðalbjörn Addi Tryggvason and Ragnar Zolberg, the new Icelandic post-rock band Isafjørd takes you on a contemplative journey through the icy soundscapes of the debut release “Hjartastjaki”.
“Mín Svarta Hlið” instantly captivates the listeners with fragile piano melodies and bittersweet guitar tonallities unfolding around the vivid vocals that never fail to express genuine emotions.
The title track continues to embrace a sublime cinematic approach featuring bleak rhythmic patterns and heart wrenching atmospheric tapestries further emphasized by the poignant vocals.
On “Kuldaró” the exquisite piano and Ragnar’s delicate voice lead you through a desolate landscape while the sudden presence of distorted guitars skillfully adds diversity with heavy riffage.
You can lose yourself within the darkened dreamy atmosphere of “Njálssaga” which certainly stands out for the reflective melodic aesthetics and the raw energy of the mesmerizing guitar solo.
For the grand finale “Andvök” evokes pure Nordic melancholia through the subtle piano and the shimmering atmospheric textures surrounding another charismatic vocal duet while guitars will ultimately craft hypnotizing rhythmic crescendos.
The passionate vocal performances and the enthralling multilayered atmospheric arrangements created by Isafjørd definitely have the power to take you to a frozen valley far away from the dreadful reality as “Hjartastjaki” is destined to become the perfect soundtrack for neverending winter nights.

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