Lost In Kiev – Rupture

French post-rock band Lost In Kiev aims to manifest their feelings concerning pressing environmental issues through the cinematic composition of the new album “Rupture”.
The harmonious soul of “We Are” comes alive through the delicate guitar phrases ultimately leading to heavier borderline chaotic rhythmic patterns enhanced by the eclectic synthesizers.
On “Squaring The Circle” guitars can embrace softer tonalities as well as wilder riffage emphasizing the expression of contrasting emotions and building a palpable rhythmic tension.
“Another End Is Possible” conveys a profound melancholia as the fragile arpeggios flow gracefully through a dreamy atmospheric ensemble while distorted guitars generate gripping rhythmic crescendos.
On “Solastalgia” the multifaceted synths can surprise you with moody electro layers and the mellow guitar sound depicts a desolate world until the rhythmic section picks up speed and rough distortion.
The title track once again highlights the emotive nature of the entire album focusing on gloomy guitar melodies that gradually morph into quasi frantic dynamics.
Recorded in a live-setting “Rupture” is filled with genuine emotions and raw energy as Lost In Kiev choose a multilayered songwriting approach skillfully shifting from hazy melodies to futuristic arrangements.

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