…And Oceans – As In Gardens, So In Tombs

Finnish symphonic black metal band …And Oceans begins a new immersive journey in search of enlightenment through the gloomy soundscapes of the new record “As In Gardens, So In Tombs”.
On the title track a sinister atmospheric intro leads the way to a solid series of savage rhythmic patterns featuring relentless drums and clearly showcasing strong black metal roots while the slower passages also add modern synths layers conveying a dystopian feel.
“Within Fire and Crystal” naturally continues to focus on furious blackened dynamics enhanced by ravenous growls while the eerie orchestrations and the guitar leads create frostbitten harmonies.
“Carried on Lead Wings” immediately unleashes a fiery blackened force through the unrestrained guitar riffs but once again the winning combo of surreal synths and cold melodic phrases evoke an overwhelming melancholia.
Throughout “Cloud Heads” the decadent orchestrations maintain a fundamental role surrounding the malignant growls and the vicious rhythmic ensemble fueled by extra speed and venomous riffage.
Within the gelid sonic realm of “Inverse Magnification Matrix” you can still perceive a mournful melodic flair and the blackened rhythmic assault seems unstoppable until the enigmatic synths generate a pensive atmospheric breakdown.
The final track “Ambivalent God” definitely embodies the album’s contemplative themes as the rhythm often slows down to put the spotlight on the crestfallen melodic guitars without sacrificing the harsh black metal momentum.
“As In Gardens, So In Tombs” constantly evokes tormented feelings as …And Oceans focus on a compelling melodic grandeur and at the same time successfully channel a primal black metal essence.

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