Dødheimsgard – Black Medium Current

Norwegian avant-garde purveyors Dødheimsgard continue to impress the audience with a complex songwriting style that today generates the philosophical themes and the shapeshifting soundscapes of the sixth full length “Black Medium Current”.
Within an ethereal atmosphere “Et Smelter” conveys an overwhelming melancholia through the soft arpeggios and whispered vocals yet the rhythmic section will acquire a furious speed to build a proper black metal rampage and the finale surprises you with a captivating guitar solo surrounded by futuristic electro layers.
“Interstellar Nexus” takes you on a trip to outer space shifting from raw guitar driven grooves to variegated electronic textures that become seamlessly entwined with enigmatic melodic motifs accompanied by a theatrical vocal performance.
“It Does Not Follow” focuses on warm melodic guitars showcasing a modern glowing sound enriched by an intricate blend of catchy synths and haunting atmospheric tapestries but the inner blackened soul will inevitably lead to caustic rhythmic patterns.
The elaborate structure of “Halow” features comforting gelid melodies and a solemn vocal delivery flowing through cryptic dense atmospheric waves and constantly enhancing a dramatic depth.
Within the mystical realm of “Abyss Perihelion Transit” eerie chants and monochromatic atmospheric arrangements introduce a mournful rhythmic ensemble fueled by bleak guitar tones while synths provide loads of unexpected quasi bizarre twists.
As Dødheimsgard embrace a remarkable sonic evolution “Black Medium Current” definitely still channels the ominous force of black metal but is bound to challenge the listeners with an eclectic approach distant from any standard categorization.

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