Mork – Dypet

Under the moniker Mork Norwegian mastermind Thomas Eriksen fearlessly explores the darkest depths of black metal to create the mysterious soundscapes of the sixth studio album “Dypet”.
“Indre Demoner” opens the portal to a pitchblack world where crestfallen guitar melodies gradually evolve into hellish rhythmic dynamics channeling a classic black metal fury.
Throughout “Svik” guitars maintain a hostile approach with unstoppable riffs easily enhanced by the vicious growls and the resulting massive rhythmic patterns sound absolutely groovy.
“Et Kall Fra Dypet” instantly unleashes relentless tremolo picking and pummeling drums but there are also many interesting rhythmic variations that eventually lead to a slower tormented atmospheric momentum.
Featuring malignant guest vocals by HJELVIK the misanthropic realm of “Hoye Murer” relies on desolate melodic motifs flourishing through the coldest atmospheric ensemble yet guitars often acquire heavier tones to build a blackened rhythmic core.
The poetic “Bortgang” constantly conveys a familiar Nordic gloom and mythical themes emphasizing the frostbitten melodic guitar work that naturally shifts to hypnotizing mid paced grooves.
Mork’s ominous sonic journey began in 2004 and now with the release of “Dypet” Thomas celebrates his strong black metal roots while looking forward to shape a diverse songwriting style.

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