Austere – Corrosion of Hearts

Australian black metal duo Austere makes a majestic comeback with the release of “Corrosion Of Hearts”, the first record in 14 years destined to spread desolation and immense gloom.
“Sullen” certainly embodies the band’s own depressive black metal formula and showcases delightful shimmering blackgaze influences featuring stunning melancholia infused guitar melodies that ultimately lead to intense rhythmic crescendos.
“A Ravenous Oblivion” continues to follow a somber sonic pathway highlighting the mournful melodic tapestries and the moody atmospheric textures while the rhythmic section creates monolithic and often frantic blackened patterns clearly amplified by desperate screams.
The understated atmospheric nuances of “Pale” evoke a sense of wistfulness that constantly lingers through the forlorn guitar phrases accompanied by softer vocals therefore the rhythm tends to slow down to emphasize the contemplative mood and the dreamy blackgaze essence.
The reformed duo Austere appears in excellent shape as throughout “Corrosion Of Hearts” they successfully blend an emotional approach and captivating melodies while maintaining an evident Norse black metal inspiration.

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