Blood Ceremony – The Old Ways Remain

After seven years Blood Ceremony are finally ready to deliver the highly anticipated fifth album “The Old Ways Remain” channeling the timeless force of doom and the trippy essence of psych -rock to fully shape a unique sonic vision.
“The Hellfire Club” opens the album with darkened atmospheric nuances and an overdose of addictive grooves fueled by the retro rock style of the gritty guitar riffs and enriched by enchanting flute melodies.
You will repeat the title “Ipsissimus” over and over in your head as the chorus and the chunky guitar riffs sound insanely catchy and even uplifting while the winning combo of flute and organ adds a fascinating melodic flow.
“Powers Of The Darkness” aptly amplifies a darkened aura around the groovy rhythmic section and the vintage vibes of the charismatic guitar solo while Alia’s voice spellbinds the listeners with a memorable chorus.
“The Bonfires at Belloc Coombe” takes you to an ancient realm as the fiddle and the flute craft soulful folkish melodies yet the fiery guitar work constantly channels the enigmatic essence of occult rock ultimately leading to faster quasi frantic rhythmic patterns.
“Widdershins” is another irresistible track featuring a solid round of sizzling guitar riffs and monumental drum blasts consequently the vocals manifest a true rocker attitude yet you can easily perceive some forlorn doom influences.
Showcasing a detailed composition “Song Of The Morrow” marks a grandiose closure as guitars and organ acquire deeply melancholic tonalities to meticulously create enthralling melodic tapestries leading to cryptic contemplative moments.
With the release of “The Old Ways Remain” Blood Ceremony confidently follow an expansive musical pathway perfectly blending magnetic occult rock elements, magical folk harmonies and inflamed guitar driven grooves.

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