Overkill – Scorched

Thrash metal legends Overkill have been around for four decades and the release of the twentieth studio album “Scorched” clearly demonstrates that they are still unstoppable staying true to their legacy while expanding their sonic vision.
The title track stands out for the flamboyant guitars leading the way to a merciless rhythmic assault fueled by the monolithic drumming and obviously Bobby Blitz amplifies the savage old school thrash metal spirit with his signature screams.
Throughout “Goin’ Home” the charismatic guitar leads can maintain sorrowful melodic vibes nevertheless the abrasive riffage and the extra speed inevitably generate colossal thrash grooves.
The towering rhythmic section on “The Surgeon” unleashes sheer fury as the fast chunky guitar riffs demand constant headbanging and the solo adds some pleasant fancy licks.
Surrounded by a darkened aura “Twist Of The Wick” certainly highlights the musical prowess through the impeccable variegated guitar work shifting from scorching riffs to elegant slightly melodic leads enriched by solemn choirs
On “Wicked Place” the relentless guitars continue to build insanely energetic grooves and wicked leads around Bobby’s ravenous vocal performance ultimately leading to a sinister atmospheric grand finale.
“Fever” still packs plenty of classic thrash grooves to ensure a full blown moshpit yet the slower passages add a dramatic depth with contemplative atmospheric arrangements and nostalgic guitar phrases.
As the title aptly suggests on “Scorched” Overkill are literally ready to set everything on fire proudly delivering all the expected massive thrash grooves with the addition of tasteful melodic accents.

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