Immortal – War Against All

Norwegian black metal titans Immortal embark on a new musical journey through the frostbitten soundscapes of the long awaited 10th studio album “War Against All”, composed and performed by Demonaz.
Like a declaration of war the title track just seems unstoppable as the monumental drums build a perilously fast rhythmic core enhanced by the malevolent combo of insane growls and visceral guitar riffs.
Throughout “Wargod” the crunchy guitars spontaneously lead to groovy dynamics without an exaggerated speed but certainly maintaining a gelid black metal approach embellished by a softer contemplative momentum.
“Return To Cold” takes you to a remote forest surrounded by dramatic atmospheric textures and guitars skillfully combine compelling somber melodies and fierce riffage.
The instrumental track “Norlandihr” revolves around a cold blend of Nordic melancholia infused melodic waves and inflamed blackened rhythmic blasts that emphasize the masterful guitar work.
Within the gloomy realm of “Blashyrkh My Throne” a mournful melodic essence emerges through recurring refined arpeggios nevertheless the vicious growls and the unrestrained guitars generate blistering rhythmic patterns.
Undoubtedly Immortal stay true to their majestic black metal legacy delivering sheer fury and undiluted darkness throughout “War Against All” which will instantly please their loyal acolytes.

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