Vintersea – Woven Into Ashes

Blackened prog-metal band Vintersea continues to shape a distinctive artistic identity that thrives within the intricate soundscapes of the third full-length “Woven Into Ashes”.
“Unveiling Light” fully embodies the album’s sonic vision and expresses an emotional whirlwind as guitars skillfully blend immersive melodic tapestries and blistering rhythmic patterns amplified by aggressive growls.
Throughout “Crescent Eclipse” the guitar work emphasizes a sophisticated prog inspiration generating interesting rhythmic variations while soulful melodies gently unravel around Avienne’s passionate vocal performance.
“Parallel Duality” focuses on recurring graceful guitar harmonies to evoke an immense melancholia once again highlighting Avienne’s striking vocal abilities yet the rhythmic section still has a chance to build fierce dynamics.
“Lonesome Tide” mainly favors a slower rhythm as guitars acquire luminous tonalities to craft exquisite melodic crescendos with the addition of magical folkish accents and Avienne’s spellbinding vocal delivery is bound to move the listeners.
The lengthy final track “No Tomorrow” manifests a complex composition offering epic atmospheric textures and dreamy melodic passages in contrast with the sinister blackened momentum fueled by pummeling drums and sharp guitar riffs.
As Vintersea proudly embark on a new musical adventure “Woven Into Ashes” is destined to garner more interest showcasing talented musicianship and an eclectic songwriting style.

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