Dozer – Drifting In The Endless Void

After over a decade hiatus Swedish stoner rock veterans Dozer triumphantly return with the sixth record “Drifting In The Endless Void” channeling pure cosmic energy to deliver massive groovy tunes.
The explosive album opener “Mutation/Transformation” focuses on riff worship to build intense rhythmic dynamics enriched by a wild guitar solo while the slower moments inevitably evoke trippy desert rock vibes.
The super catchy track “Dust For Blood” expresses uplifting feelings and immediately stands out for the magnetic power of the unstoppable fuzzy guitar riffs well supported by a monolithic rhythmic backbone.
The somber soul of “Andromeda” emerges through enthralling melodic textures and psychedelic accents while the fiery combo of colossal drums and sludgy riffage unleashes inflamed heavy rhythmic patterns.
Within the hazy atmospheric ensemble “Missing 13” reaches a palpable dramatic depth as guitars meticulously craft an overdose of hypnotizing melodic motifs enhanced by a softer vocal delivery yet the mighty rhythmic section can still generate robust grooves fueled by crunchy riffs.
It’s been a while but with the release of “Drifting In The Endless Void” Dozer properly demonstrate a distinctive creative approach that naturally leads to a perfect blend of moody melodies and crushing grooves.

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