RUÏM – Black Royal Spiritism – I – O Sino da Igreja

Formed in 2020 by Rune ‘Blasphemer’ Eriksen, renowned for his work with Norwegian black metal legends Mayhem and Vltimas, RUÏM begins an ominous spiritual journey with the debut release “Black Royal Spiritism – I – O Sino da Igreja”.
Like an ancestral witchcraft “Blood.Sacrifice.Enthronement” opens the portal to a sinister dimension as guitars skillfully shift from ghastly melodic passages to full blown angered rhythmic patterns that ultimately lead to an unearthly atmospheric momentum.
On “The Triumph (Of Night & Fire)” recurring mysterious guitar phrases slowly build a malevolent rhythmic march constantly fueled by unrestrained riffage and monolithic drumming.
The ritualistic flair of “Black Royal Spiritism” becomes evident through the theatrical growls and the hypnotizing melodic guitar work flourishing within an enigmatic atmosphere while the gruesome rhythmic dynamics are rooted in primal Norwegian black metal.
“Fall Of Seraphs” inevitably conjures total darkness unleashing an overdose of hellish rhythmic blasts yet guitars once again have the ability to emphasize the dramatic depth with cryptic melodies.
Throughout “O Sino da Igreja” guitars seem to emerge from the darkest depths demanding a furious speed to deliver insanely brutal riffs easily enhanced by the menacing growls and only the bewitching atmospheric accents give you time to breathe.
“Black Royal Spiritism – I – O Sino da Igreja” explores Blasphemer’s personal beliefs regarding the greater spirits of the left-hand path therefore you can expect a pitchblack sonic realm where blackened grooves run wild in the midst of an eerie atmospheric ensemble.

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