Heretoir – Wastelands

German atmospheric post-metal band Heretoir explores thoughts and dreams through the exquisite soundscapes of the new mini-album “Wastelands” which also includes three live tracks.
The impactful album opener “Anima” relies on an aggressive rhythmic core with galloping guitar riffs and tormented growls but you can often perceive a comforting melodic essence through the glowing atmospheric waves.
“At Dusk” unfolds like a hazy daydream as the synths take the center stage crafting a multilayered nostalgic atmosphere and Emily Highfield of Suldusk provides ethereal vocals to emphasize the melancholia infused guitar harmonies.
Surrounded by a mysterious aura the title track features slower poetic melodic passages accompanied by passionate clean vocals highlighting a shimmering post-metal inspiration yet the rhythmic section will gain speed to generate significantly darker & heavier patterns.
While we wait for the next full-length release Heretoir presents their mesmerizing sonic vision meticulously blending melodic beauty and harsh dynamics throughout “Wastelands”.

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