Saturnus – The Storm Within

After over a decade Danish melodic death/doom band Saturnus begins a new musical endeavor evoking overwhelming melancholy throughout the highly anticipated full-length “The Storm Within”.
The majestic title track feels like a cathartic journey through stormy waters as the bittersweet arpeggios and the graceful piano provide comfort while the deeply mournful guitar work channels the heavy weight of classic doom metal.
The dramatic composition behind “Chasing Ghosts” constantly generates exquisite melodic tapestries as guitars focus mainly on elaborate refined leads emphasized by poetic spoken words.
On “Closing the Circle” ethereal atmospheric arrangements and dreamy arpeggios convey a sense of perennial longing and once again guitars demand your attention with fascinating somber tonalities leading to a charismatic solo.
“Truth” amplifies the contemplative themes as the classical beauty of the piano creates a mesmerizing melodic flow that gradually evolves into massive doom rhythmic patterns fueled by the robust riffage and the cavernous growls.
As Saturnus confidently embrace an intricate songwriting approach “The Storm Within” can hit you in the face with crushing dynamics yet a gorgeous melodic essence is always destined to flourish expressing genuine emotions.

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