Graveyard – 6

Swedish heavy rock masters Graveyard embark on an unforgettable sonic journey through the hypnotizing melodic waves of the first record in five years simply entitled “6”.
The album opener “Godnatt” features a captivating series of bittersweet melodic themes that put the spotlight on the masterful guitar work and perfectly complement Joakim Nilsson’s moody vocal performance.
You feel comfortably wrapped by the warm melodic lines moving sinuously through “I Follow You” and the fuzzed out guitar phrases run wild & free to ultimately build sensational rhythmic crescendos.
“Breathe In Breathe Out” focuses on a slow burning melodic flow emphasizing the compelling vocal harmonies and the charming vintage guitar sound reaching the acme with an extensive impeccable solo.
Loads of energetic blasts emerge throughout “Just A Drop” as guitars and fiery drums meticulously generate trippy rhythmic patterns while the soulful melodies maintain the album’s minimalist vision.
“Rampant Fields” still showcases a glowing ballad style with a memorable melancholic chorus enhanced by Joakim’s soothing vocal delivery and definitely enriched by the psychedelic textures of the simmering Hammond.
Formed in Gothenburg in 2006 Graveyard continue to demonstrate passion and creativity developing an elaborate songwriting approach that now spontaneously leads to the bluesy & hazy soundscapes of “6”.

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