On Thorns I Lay – On Thorns I Lay

Greek cult band On Thorns I Lay returns to shake the underground metal scene spreading perennial melancholia and grief through the apocalyptic tales of the new self-titled album.
“Fallen From Grace” constantly conjures a classic death-doom essence as a grave atmosphere forebodes the beginning of a perilous journey focusing on heavy riffage and visceral growls while strings and lead guitars can effortlessly create mournful melodic themes.
“Crestfallen” enhances the melancholic soul with graceful acoustic passages and dreamy piano melodies yet maintains a rhythmic tension with towering drum blasts and faster darker riffs ultimately leading to an eloquent guitar solo.
“Among The Wolves” instantly stands out for the doomy guitar progressions evoking grim emotions and the consequent vicious rhythmic dynamics are easily enriched by charismatic soloing and somber melodic accents.
Within the cryptic atmospheric realm of “Thorns of Fire” the decadent beauty of the melodic guitar work and the sorrowful flute swirls captivates the listeners while the monumental rhythmic section diligently follows a harsh doomed pathway.
Once again On Thorns I Lay don’t disappoint their loyal fanbase proudly invoking the ominous force of death metal and the endless despair of doom to craft monolithic rhythmic patterns and sublime melodies.

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