Shining – Shining

Eccentric mastermind Niklas Kvarforth delves into the darkest sonic territories to create the new self-titled obscure opus “Shining” characterized by the band’s malevolent signature sound and nightmarish soundscapes.
“Avsändare Okänd” marks a menacing beginning as guitars conjure the fury of black metal to generate aggressive rhythmic patterns but there is still time to breathe as enticing mellow melodies and hazy atmospheric nuances are destined to emerge within the oppressive sonic realm.
“Snart Är Dom Alla Borta” can comfort your broken soul with crestfallen acoustic phrases and calm mournful vocals reaching the acme with a wistful melodic guitar solo yet the mighty rhythmic section acquires speed and ferocity naturally leading to a final grim piano piece.
Throughout “Allt För Döden” you can feel an overwhelming emptiness and everything is bound to get darker & gelid as the unstoppable ominous riffs effortlessly create intense blackened progressions but an evocative melodic essence remains dominant through the poignant guitar leads and the mystifying atmosphere.
“Fidelis Ad Mortem” relies on a slower dramatic composition to instantly spread misery and melancholia with haunting guitar phrases and solemn choirs enriched by two charismatic solos courtesy of King Diamond legendary guitarist Andy La Rocque.
The world of “Shining” is made of inescapable darkness and pure poetry as the band skillfully combines the violence of black metal with eclectic prog rock elements and enthralling melodic waves.

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