Seven Planets – Explorer

Heavy rock instrumentalists Seven Planets search for absolute freedom embarking on a cosmic journey into the unknown perfectly embodied by the cathartic grooves of the third full length “Explorer”. 

It feels good to space out listening to “Vanguard” as the excellent guitar work leads the way to big grooves and acidic melodies that showcase a warm bluesy approach as well as a taste for psychedelia. 

With a laid back atmosphere “Plain Truth In A Homespun Dress” focuses on elaborate slow burning guitar melodies that continue to channel a strong psychedelic flair and later the guitar work will also deliver some wild fancy progressions. 

It’s not surprising that the title track makes you dream of exploring new galaxies with the fluid atmospheric arrangements surrounding the spacey guitar phrases that once again will evolve into a more complex jamming session. 

“Seven Seas” continues to revolve around otherworldly themes and the desire to escape reality grows within the soulful bluesy guitar progressions and the bouncy bass lines that often emphasize the full blown psychedelic essence.  

The pace gets faster on “The Buzzard” and consequently the rhythmic section generates heavier bold grooves full of catchy & fuzzy riffs while the guitar leads still have the chance to craft evocative melodic waves. 

The cosmic force and the spaced out vibes of “Explorer” will make you feel dazed and happy as Seven Planets showcase their incredible musicianship and spontaneous jam style songwriting.