Numenorean – Adore

Canadian post black metallers Numenorean worked hard for three years to craft the sophomore album “Adore” which has the potential to conquer the listeners with cathartic instrumental passages and fiery blackened force.

The melancholic nuances evoked by soft soulful guitar melodies on “Portrait Of Pieces” showcase evident shoegaze inspiration and are certainly essential throughout the entire song while angered feelings are fully expressed by the blackened rhythmic crescendos and ravenous growls.

On “Horizon” the black metal energy of the album is confidently unleashed since the very beginning through a fast merciless rhythmic assault but such aggressive approach doesn’t sacrifice the melodic aspects that will later emerge through emotive harmonious guitar phrases.

“Stay” is a brief track that emphasizes the melodic essence and the dreamy shoegaze elements of the album as hazy atmospheres surround mellow darkened guitar melodies and emotional clean vocals.  

The daydreaming mood of “Coma” allows poignant guitar melodies to take the center stage before embracing a fierce increasingly darker soundscape fueled by relentless blackened guitar riffs and obscure tonalities.

The title track successfully maintains the balance between contrasting tonalities offering loads of dramatic melancholia infused instrumental passages and lovely contemplative arpeggios executed in proper modern post-metal fashion while the mighty rhythmic section leads to moments of sheer blackened fury.

Even if Numenorean are still relatively new in the current metal scene they already have the ability to express their own personalities through music and words embarking on a sonic evolution that becomes increasingly powerful on “Adore”.

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