Wednesday 13 – Necrophaze

Thinking about horror themes in music Wednesday 13 always comes to mind in fact you can expect a frightening sonic experience evidently inspired by classic 80s movies and awful night terrors on the latest record “Necrophaze”.

Featuring a theatrical narration by legendary Alice Cooper the title track marks a grand beginning with 80s inspired synths that build a suspenseful mood while the main heavier elements will emerge with crunchy guitar riffs and a groovy rhythmic ensemble constantly surrounded by a generous dosage of sinister atmospheric layers. 

“Bring Your Own Blood” invites you to an obviously scary party so you better watch yourself as guitars confidently trigger entertaining grooves and the synths tapestries amplify the expected spine-chilling vibes. 

You can easily perceive the horrific serial killer vibes all over “ZODIAC” and again the synths hold a dominant role providing a strong soundtrack style background with multilayered ghastly tonalities mixed with the industrial approach of the rhythmic section. 

Especially in the beginning “Decompose” acquires an extremely gloomy mood with softer atmospheric arrangements but later will unleash loads of catchy guitar driven grooves and a sing along chorus featuring aptly ghoulish vocals. 

The deliciously creepy track “The Hearse” stands out for the profoundly mournful melodies and darkened atmospheres that convey a bewitching gothic glamour consequently the Duke of Spook delivers a particularly malignant vocal performance. 

Despite the macabre title “Life Will Kill Us All” feels almost uplifting with the prominent melodic elements and the high energy of the punk rock grooves that lead to a rather catchy chorus and while the instrumental passages sound less evil the vocals maintain all the freaky vibes throughout the song. 

“Necrophaze” is the ideal horror movie soundtrack, an ode to shock rock and all the creatures lurking in the dark so if you dare to enter the super spooky sonic realm carefully created by Wednesday 13 you will have a lot of fun. 

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