Noekk – Waltzing In Obscurity

Empyrium’s Helm and Schwadorf are truly prolific artists and this time they return to their alter egos Funghus Baldachin and F. F. Yugoth with the classic prog rock project Noekk to deliver the dazzling fourth full-length “Waltzing In Obscurity”.

The title track stands out for the trippy retro vibes deeply influencing the intricate instrumental passages and intriguing tempo variations while the somber guitar tonalities lead to a refined melodic ensemble accompanied by solemn vocals and lavish atmospheric layers. 

“The Mirror” offers an elegant blend of dreamy atmospheres and nostalgic melodies that naturally flourish through the peaceful folkish soundscape yet some bold rhythmic segments keep alive the inner prog rock spirit. 

“On Summits” is full of engaging prog rock dynamics as guitars concoct loads of energetic riffs following a fiery rhythm yet the mood will eventually shift to a sense of serenity as the folk elements take over with soothing arpeggios and vintage organ harmonies. 

“The Windwaker” can channel a profound tranquility through the warm acoustic phrases yet guitars will become increasingly heavier with doom tinged riffage leading to a darker atmosphere emphasized by the baritone vocal delivery and the brooding arrangements. 

On “The Lily Of Reverence” guitars deliver thrilling prog rock riffs with the additions of subtle psychedelic accents while the pastoral ambience will ultimately thrive through the understated acoustic melodies and the stylish atmospheric elements. 

Undoubtedly Helm and Schwadorf demonstrate once again the ability to create unique music with evident passion and the consequent avantgarde flair of “Waltzing In Obscurity” might be destined to be appreciated and comprehended by a niche audience. 

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