Horseneck – Fever Dream

Featuring former ‪Will Haven guitarists Anthony Paganelli and Lance Jackman, current ‪Chelsea Wolfe drummer Jess Gowrie, and bassist Lennon Hudson, post-hardcore/sludge collective Horseneck proudly unleashes the sophomore full length “Fever Dream” which is destined to impress you with its raw energy and wild creativity. 

“Barbra Streisand” is simply irresistible with major groovy guitars leading the way to a heavy yet absolutely accessible sonic realm enriched by a mix of somber vocal harmonies and a fun rocker delivery courtesy of rock ‘n’ roll pioneer Gary U.S. Bonds. 

On “Pen15” there’s a higher dose of rebellious energy due to the savage screams and the bold noise elements cleverly embedded within the galloping riffage resulting in another memorable groovy track. 

The mood gets darker on “Happily Level Lafter” emphasizing a pale yet essential melodic flair while the sludge inspiration is rather palpable generating cohesive rhythmic grooves which deserve to be played loud. 

“Red Curtain” will certainly conquer your heart as guest vocalist Jules Bee from Sea Of Bees delivers soulful vocal harmonies accompanied by comforting fuzzy melodic guitars that perfectly enhance the song’s inner melancholy which continues to shine even through the heavier rhythmic patterns. 

“Sleeping With Silverfish” focuses on monumental rhythmic grooves with an overdose of harsh sludge dynamics matched by the violent screams but also showcases a melodic and experimental approach featuring enticing jazzy saxophone and bittersweet clean vocals. 

“Mr Funny Guy, Full Of Bullshit” wins for best title of the year and the major groovy rhythmic section delivers some mighty heavy blasts enriched by the delightful eclectic guitar leads and the psychedelic tinged melodies. 

Listening to “Fever Dream” is a truly entertaining and aptly feverish experience as Horseneck already showcases massive skills blending passionate melodies and crazy catchy grooves that you won’t forget easily. 


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