Karg – Traktat

Karg started as a one-man project by J.J. of Harakiri For The Sky and the new addition to the extensive discography is the 7th studio album “Traktat” which revolves around eloquent atmospheric black metal soundscapes and immense melancholia. 

“Irgendjemand Wartet Immer” can truly express an emotional whirlwind with a mixture of gelid guitar melodies and poetic atmospheric multilayers flowing freely through the main blackened and at times borderline enraged rhythmic sections.

The gorgeous melodic tapestries of “Stolperkenotaphe” depict a wintry sonic realm full of pure melancholy courtesy of delicate arpeggios, elegant classical arrangements and cold guitar tonalities and such cathartic ensemble often feels like a fading dream. 

On “Alaska” the monochromatic screams channel despair and misery but the melodic guitar work seems to glow through the heavier rhythmic patterns always embellished by the dreamy atmospheric layers. 

On “Alles Was Wir Geben Mussten” the anguished screams and the soaring guitar riffs constantly channel a raw blackened energy leading to sharp rhythmic crescendos while the clean melodies and the subtle atmospheres enhance the introspective depth. 

“Tod, wo bleibt dein Frieden?” continues to rely on a contemplative blackgaze sonic formula and offers a multitude of fragile melodic moments that tend to steal the spotlight evoking wistful feelings especially through graceful arpeggios and soothing atmospheric tapestries.  

Shifting from luminous shoegaze melodies to extremely darkened black metal blasts on “Traktat” Karg crafts a personal immersive journey that allows emotions and music to naturally embrace. 

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