Body Count – Carnivore

Ice-T’s pioneering rap metal band Body Count returns with the savage entertaining grooves and the spiteful lyrical themes of the seventh album “Carnivore”.  

The title track begins with an extremely somber atmosphere and slow darkened guitar phrases that will continue to recur through the significantly heavier rhythmic blasts and the consequent hostile grooves are certainly amplified by the inflamed soloing and the enraged lyrics. 

Featuring guest vocalist Riley Gale of Power Trip “Point The Finger” confidently unleashes relentless thrash metal dynamics and the contrasting vocal deliveries perfectly express all the eloquent feelings and the undiluted wrath.  

The indisputable groovy force of “Bum-Rush” comes from the tight rhythmic section while the lead guitar work is always ready to deliver fiery soaring licks and the social awareness lyrical message definitely increases the song’s inner passion. 

In the beginning “Another Level” feels a bit gloomy due to the captivating somber tonalities of the melodic guitars but the untamed rage is always present in the strong vocals which also features guest vocalist Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed. 

“When I’m Gone” might sound a bit softer mainly due to the presence of the mellow emotional vocal delivery courtesy of Amy Lee of Evanescence but there is still a fair dosage of fury embedded in the hardcore approach of the bold guitar riffs. 

“The Hate Is Real” is full of harsh guitar driven grooves spiced up by some fast ravenous guitar licks and fueled by a massive classic thrash metal momentum that easily matches the perennial outrage of the lyrics plus the chorus will get stuck in your head. 

Ice-T always speaks frankly and the rightfully angry lyricism remains a key element from beginning to end on “Carnivore” adding an overdose of raw energy to the massive belligerent grooves that Body Count executes with unrestrained enthusiasm. 

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