Varmia – bal Lada

Polish pagan black metal band Varmia channels strong Baltic roots blending traditional ethnic instrumentation and ravenous grooves on the third full length “bal Lada” which was recorded live in an old manor in Northern Poland.
“Bielmo” immediately manifests an obscure essence though the blackened guitar progressions and the malignant growls following harsh rhythmic patterns embellished by the compelling folk style of the traditional instruments.
Within the darkened world of “Upperan” the aggressive rhythmic section continues to channel a primal black metal force while the slower mournful passages and the technique of “whitevoice” clean-singing adds captivating ritualistic vibes.
The recurring chants and tribal accents on “Zari Deiwas” clearly emphasize the pagan & folk nuances while the main rhythmic ensemble follows a visceral blackened pathway with the relentless guitar riffs and the ominous mood.
“O” takes you to an ancestral land as the instrumentation of the Baltic Rites, the technique of “whitevoice” and the spiritual essence of the chanting become the main focus accompanied by the raw energy of the guitar work.
The impossible darkness of “Głody” is constantly fueled by the hostile rhythmic approach and the grave guitar tonalities while the traditional Baltic elements and the clean vocals naturally add epic vibes.
“Ten Blask Co Po Nim Śmierć” stands out for the cathartic melodic guitar phrases and the elegant atmospheric arrangements that inevitably evoke sheer nostalgia and create an introspective momentum in contrast with the tormented nature of the faster rhythmic dynamics.
Varmia passionately pays tribute to their ancient traditions consequently the arcane nature of “bal Lada” is destined to influence and enrich the blackened sonic realm.

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