Five The Hierophant – Through Aureate Void

British instrumental band Five The Hierophant manifests an enigmatic sonic vision and a sophisticated songwriting approach on the sophomore full length “Through Aureate Void”.
As we enter the void “Leaf in the Current” conveys a mystical grandeur with blurry atmospheric textures unfolding around the magnetic melodies of the jazzy saxophone accompanied by gritty guitar riffs and psychedelic accents.
“Fire from Frozen Cloud” begins with spellbinding saxophone melodies moving sinuously through a dreamy atmospheric maze that will soon evolve into an eclectic sonic realm with the addition of heavier rhythmic segments and darkened tonalities.
The drone atmosphere of “Berceuse” could induce a trance like state while the saxophone naturally creates a soothing melodic splendor and the shimmering arrangements evoke an apparent sense of tranquility.
On “The Hierophant (II)” the tribal percussions channel an arcane essence while the saxophone delivers twisted jazz infused phrases and contrasting softer melodies in the midst of an increasingly colder and darker atmosphere.
As Five The Hierophant confidently embrace an experimental sonic pathway “Through Aureate Void” offers an intriguing blend of cryptic dark metal and jazzy harmonies that can easily make you space out.

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