Napalm Death – Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism

UK grindcore pioneers Napalm Death have been releasing ruthless extreme music for nearly 40 years and the latest offering “Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism” aims to showcase that their ferocious creative approach is still relevant within the modern metal scene. 

You cannot escape the incessant fury of “Fuck The Factoid” as the massive riffage, the inevitable breakneck speed and the angered growls keep a straightforward brutal formula.  

“That Curse Of Being In Thrall” continues to rely on a full blown sonic aggression through the expected super heavy rhythmic section and obviously the overdose of unrestrained guitar riffs which barely slows down at times. 

“Contagion” doesn’t necessarily deviate from the familiar blueprint but the rhythmic patterns can successfully follow a mid-paced tempo that highlights the somber tones of the groovy guitar work. 

On “Invigorating Clutch” the guitar phrases and the atmospheric textures channel a perennial sense of despair around the ravenous growls and the belligerent guitar riffs.

Throughout “Amoral” the guitar riffs embrace darker vibes and a rebellious attitude with a slight punk influence that leads to slower and absolutely catchy rhythmic dynamics. 

The title track begins with insanely harsh growls that foreshadow the majestic force of the  blistering rhythmic onslaught constantly fueled by the wicked combo of savage riffage & drumming.  

The ominous atmosphere of “A Bellyful of Salt and Spleen” demands a slightly slower yet absolutely menacing rhythm as the industrial oriented ambiance generates a dystopian sonic realm amplified by the lugubrious baritone vocal delivery. 

With an incredibly extensive & successful career Napalm Death now simply show no mercy as they continue to unleash a grindcore force that on “Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism” will leave you shattered & satisfied. 

Dark Tranquillity – Moment

Swedish melodic death metal icons Dark Tranquillity have built an incredibly strong legacy that is destined to flourish throughout the new album “Moment” which once again showcases their unstoppable creative force. 

There is a shimmering atmosphere around “Phantom Days” which naturally maintains a darkened immersive mood while the feverish guitar riffs have the ability to create robust rhythmic patterns which clearly stay true to the band’s beloved melo-death flair always emphasized by Mikael Stanne’s savage growls. 

“The Dark Unbroken” is destined to conquer your heart with the opulent keyboards arrangements channeling immense melancholia as the tempo often slows down to highlight the enthralling introspective mood fully expressed by the clean vocal delivery. 

“Remain In The Unknown” immediately enters a darkly soulful melodic realm with mesmerizing clean vocals and intricate magical atmospheric multilayers enriched by the charismatic licks of the impeccable guitar solo. 

Throughout “Standstill” the keyboards continue to hold a fundamental role creating an overdose of harmonious tapestries that tend to enhance the emotional nature of the vocals while the fiery rhythmic section can create engaging and slightly heavier dynamics. 

The essence of “A Drawn Out Exit” feels increasingly darker, consequently the guitars acquire obscure tonalities that naturally lead to a perfectly balanced blend of mournful melodic phrases and groovy riffage marching through darkened atmospheric waves. 

“Eyes Of The World” is an anthemic melo-death track as you will find plenty of powerful riffs and brilliant leads while the captivating melancholic guitar melodies are bound to grab your attention thriving within the shimmering atmospheric grandeur enhanced by Mikael’s poignant vocal performance.

“In Truth Divided” marks a cathartic closure as the gothic tinged splendor comes to life through the lavish atmospheric layers surrounding the gloomy guitar phrases and the precise rhythmic dynamics intensified by Mikael’s spellbinding clean vocals. 

The indisputable strength of “Moment” comes from the detailed songwriting approach, the excellent production and the genuine emotions that Dark Tranquillity masterfully bring to life with their signature Gothenburg melodic death metal style that continues to influence musicians worldwide and shines brighter in every song. 

Black Crown Initiate – Violent Portraits Of Doomed Escape

In the underground circles Black Crown Initiate have already gained attention & praise but now it’s time to embrace a new sonic evolution on the latest offering “Violent Portraits Of Doomed Escape” which immediately stands out for the fascinating multifaceted songwriting approach. 

“Invitation” begins with gentle harmonies and soulful vocals but such contemplative mood will change as soon as the merciless growls, the chunky riffage and the precise rhythmic blasts take the center stage yet the darkened melodic essence will continue to linger through the enthralling guitar progressions and the comforting arpeggios. 

Throughout “Trauma Bonds” the soulful melodic passages shine within the dramatically heavier energetic sonic realm fueled by belligerent guitar riffs and aggressive drumming while the technical accents of the guitar work amplify the eclectic progressive flair. 

While on “Years In Frigid Light” the abrasive guitar riffs can easily channel a brutal death metal inspiration, the progressive nature often prevails generating unexpected rhythmic twists while at times a genuine melancholic soul comes to life through luminous melodic phrases and understated atmospheric nuances. 

The fragile guitar melodies and the moody atmospheric waves of “Death Comes In Reverse” convey a delightful sense of nostalgia destined to endure even during the heavier rhythmic crescendos and the edgy prog dynamics surrounded by an exquisite darkened aura. 

The visionary composition behind “Holy Silence” can effortlessly generate heartfelt melodic textures as well as complex & significantly faster passages as guitars can shift from crestfallen phrases to venomous groovy riffs and ultimately reach the acme with a charismatic solo. 

Black Crown Initiate confidently explore diverse sonic territories in order to maintain an inflamed creative force that successfully leads to the irresistible blend of bittersweet melodic tapestries  and majestic heavy patterns throughout “Violent Portraits Of Doomed Escape”.

Lucifer – Lucifer III

After a series of successful tours Lucifer settled back in the studio to craft the dark magic embodied by the third release “Lucifer III” and continue to proudly carry the torch for timeless vintage rock. 

The guitar riffs on “Ghosts” successfully generate memorable grooves with a delightful gritty sound and while the atmosphere feels quite dark due also to the addition of gothic tinged keyboards Johanna’s vocals evoke a comforting melancholy. 

“Leather Demon” features a slower nostalgic approach focusing on darkly soothing arpeggios energized by the raw distortion of the lead guitar work and accompanied by sultry vocals which feel particularly captivating during the super catchy chorus. 

The eponymous track “Lucifer” picks up speed with guitars taking the center stage to craft alluring melodic phrases and deliciously darkened catchy riffs that lead to a series of addictive grooves around Johanna’s passionate vocal delivery. 

“Coffin Fever” showcases enticing doom nuances that naturally embrace the sorrowful guitar tonalities evolving into a thrilling combo of feverish licks and galloping riffs while eventually a seductive darkness will take over with understated obscure atmospheric vibes. 

The haunting grand finale arrives with “Cemetery Eyes” which often focuses on gorgeous dreamy guitar melodies that emphasize the profound sense of melancholia fully expressed by the soulful vocals yet the rhythmic section still manages to deliver exciting classic rock dynamics that reach the acme with the stylish guitar soloing. 

Listening to “Lucifer III” we witness the third coming of Lucifer as they really worked hard to create a wicked collection of catchy rock songs spiced up by horror themes and enchanting vocals that are bound to put a spell on you. 


Body Count – Carnivore

Ice-T’s pioneering rap metal band Body Count returns with the savage entertaining grooves and the spiteful lyrical themes of the seventh album “Carnivore”.  

The title track begins with an extremely somber atmosphere and slow darkened guitar phrases that will continue to recur through the significantly heavier rhythmic blasts and the consequent hostile grooves are certainly amplified by the inflamed soloing and the enraged lyrics. 

Featuring guest vocalist Riley Gale of Power Trip “Point The Finger” confidently unleashes relentless thrash metal dynamics and the contrasting vocal deliveries perfectly express all the eloquent feelings and the undiluted wrath.  

The indisputable groovy force of “Bum-Rush” comes from the tight rhythmic section while the lead guitar work is always ready to deliver fiery soaring licks and the social awareness lyrical message definitely increases the song’s inner passion. 

In the beginning “Another Level” feels a bit gloomy due to the captivating somber tonalities of the melodic guitars but the untamed rage is always present in the strong vocals which also features guest vocalist Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed. 

“When I’m Gone” might sound a bit softer mainly due to the presence of the mellow emotional vocal delivery courtesy of Amy Lee of Evanescence but there is still a fair dosage of fury embedded in the hardcore approach of the bold guitar riffs. 

“The Hate Is Real” is full of harsh guitar driven grooves spiced up by some fast ravenous guitar licks and fueled by a massive classic thrash metal momentum that easily matches the perennial outrage of the lyrics plus the chorus will get stuck in your head. 

Ice-T always speaks frankly and the rightfully angry lyricism remains a key element from beginning to end on “Carnivore” adding an overdose of raw energy to the massive belligerent grooves that Body Count executes with unrestrained enthusiasm. 

Red Death – Sickness Divine

Crossover thrashers Red Death promise to trigger instant headbanging delivering all kinds of insane grooves on the third full length “Sickness Divine”. 

The title track is extremely enjoyable and marks a rather somber beginning as mellow sorrowful arpeggios build a suspenseful mood to introduce an overload of familiar heavier thrash dynamics with crunchy riffs and a terrific guitar solo. 

“Face The Pain” focuses on an impactful approach immediately unleashing ravenous rhythmic patterns and bold rebellious screams while the lead guitar adds sharp variations to the no frills heavy core. 

On  “Path Of Discipline” the rhythmic section aims to create a constant menacing groove with a faster old school thrash momentum while guitars will grab your attention with impeccable venomous leads. 

There is a pleasant sense of nostalgia on “(Refuse To Be) Bound By Chains” as guitars blend somber harmonies and soft arpeggios but the rest of the song is all about vigorous guitar driven grooves offering extra crunchy riffage and thunderous drumming. 

“Ravage” will impress for the overdose of sheer rage as the savage screams lead the way through the insanely heavy rhythmic segments where pummeling drums and fiery guitars just seem unstoppable while in the finale the bass work will add some ominous vibes. 

“Exhalation Of Decay” seems more elaborate starting with desolate guitar tonalities and obscure vocals setting a rather haunting mood that clearly influences the guitar work without sacrificing the beloved groovy thrash elements bound to always emerge with intense energetic blasts. 

If you had a chance to catch Red Death on tour you know what to expect in fact on the new offering “Sickness Divine” they stay true to the chosen heavy sonic manifesto spiced up by some interesting twists. 

Insomnium – Heart Like A Grave

There has been a major buzz around the long awaited new record “Heart Like A Grave” and Finnish melodic death metal purveyors Insomnium continue to evoke the irresistible melancholy that garnered so much attention on their previous releases.

Staying true to Insomnium’s signature style the beginning of “Valediction” is characterized by sharp guitar driven grooves with a prominent death metal spirit that will later embrace gloomy atmospheric arrangements and spellbinding darkened melodies carefully crafted by the refined guitar work. 

“Neverlast” perfectly balances moments of untamed aggression featuring fast rhythmic patterns accompanied by fiery growls and elegant melodic phrases enhanced by the wistful guitar tonalities that will actually stand out for the extremely passionate delivery. 

“Pale Morning Star” offers sumptuous melodic tapestries and an intricate approach starting with fragile acoustic guitars that open the portal to a dreamy sonic realm where melancholia deeply influences the harmonious instrumental crescendos yet you will find a fair dosage of rage through the bold guitar riffage and the monumental growls. 

On “Mute Is My Sorrow” vocals can acquire a solemn theatrical delivery and a profound melancholy lingers throughout the song generating compelling heartfelt melodies and delicate atmospheric layers in contrast with the triumphant rhythmic blasts that always reminisce of the band’s primal death metal roots. 

The title track shines for the opulent atmospheric grandeur and the consequent dramatic depth as the emotional essence of the bittersweet guitar melodies and the whispered vocals can easily move the listeners but there is also a palpable epic flair fully expressed by the majestic choirs and the powerful rhythmic section. 

The fascinating instrumental track “Karelia” marks a majestic album finale and sounds like an ideal wintry soundtrack as magnificent keyboards arrangements create glowing kaleidoscopic soundscapes naturally entwined with the somber beauty of the guitar work expressing cathartic feelings and unparalleled nostalgia. 

With the remarkable songwriting skills and the essential Nordic melancholy “Heart Like A Grave” proves that Insomnium are really becoming undisputed masters of melodic death metal destined to conquer even more fans worldwide.

Mayhem – Daemon

Once again the mighty Norwegian black metal icons Mayhem confidently arise from the darkest depths and invite you to enter the insidious sonic realm of the new offering “Daemon”, an album that probably will be remembered for the complex structures and the overwhelming obscurity. 

“The Dying False King” hits you in the face with malevolent fast tremolo riffs and the consequent magnetic blackened momentum leads to total darkness even when the tempo slows down drastically to emphasize the song’s dramatic depth and the devilish vibes of Attila’s growls. 

“Agenda Ignis” can sound simply ferocious as the precise drumming dictates insane speed yet there’s space for diverse intriguing rhythmic dynamics and the guitar work aims to impress with alluring darkened melodies drawing energy from the intense haunting tonalities. 

The enigmatic aura of “Malum” is incarnated in the esoteric vocal delivery and its theatrical expression of pain and anger while the guitar phrases can easily channel immense sinister vibes lingering through the ravenous rhythmic patterns that rightfully belong to the realm of classic black metal. 

“Aeon Daemonium” is a memorable hymn to darkness filled with the shattering ominous instrumental tonalities and the slower tormented guitar harmonies that surround desperate laments and hellish growls fueled by the cold energy provided by the faster menacing rhythmic core.  

The arcane chanting on “Daemon Spawn” continues to convey an intoxicating theatrical allure and the consequent spiritual aura is further enhanced by the intricate guitar work that often focuses on the creation of hypnotic melodic waves in contrast with the full blown blackened rhythmic force.

The chaotic essence of “Everlasting Dying Flame” relies on a solid series of brutal rhythmic segments so the primordial black metal roots feel particularly dominant yet guitars have the ability to diversify such traditional sonic onslaught with bewitching gelid melodies. 

“Black Glass Communion” reminds you that this might be the darkest album of the year as the savage guitar riffs emerge straight from a hellish abyss and will continue to march fiercely through the perilous blackened grooves embellished by aptly mysterious vocals.  

For the true acolytes listening to the new diabolical opus “Daemon” becomes a ritual and at this point of their glorious career Mayhem know exactly how to express the darkest feelings while staying true to their crucial legacy and at the same time following an ex novo creative force. 


Implore – Alienated Despair

The insane grindcore-death-punk force of Implore is destined to generate a sonic onslaught on the brand new release “Alienated Despair” lyrically focused on socio-political topics. 

“Faculties Of Time” doesn’t waste any time as the massive rhythmic segments showcase clarity and brutality with death metal elements embedded in the memorable soaring guitar riffs and an aptly brutal vocal delivery. 

“Abandoned Desires” sounds absolutely obscure as the hostile drumming triggers breakneck speed amplified by the furious vocals and the frantic riffage yet there are brief less chaotic moments channeling a sense of anguish. 

“The Constant Dissonance” marks another ferocious sonic assault as guitar riffs generate a frantic almost claustrophobic mood that will acquire a sense of impending doom when the rhythmic section later slows down dramatically.

Featuring guest vocalist Tomas “Tompa” Lindberg of legendary At The Gates “Never Again” showcases a major death metal spirit and as expected the band unleashes vitriolic rhythmic blasts leading to merciless guitar driven grooves. 

On “All Consuming Filth” enraged vocals continue to channel darkness and despair matching the no frills savage rhythmic patterns but once again you can catch your breath when the guitar tonalities become utterly somber. 

Staying true to the album’s inner wrath “The Venom Comes In Droves” amplifies speed & fury as there is no escape from the relentless guitar riffs that will inevitably lead to a chaotic yet absolutely groovy sonic realm.

All the unrestrained energy and the abrasive dynamics on “Alienated Despair” truly match the album title as Implore never hold back and they clearly have the ability to maintain a quite rebellious approach from beginning to end.