Slægt – Goddess

Danish black/heavy metallers Slægt are ready to impress the metal scene with a distinct obscure sonic vision that today generates the twisted soundscapes of the new full-length “Goddess”.
The ominous atmosphere of “Deceived by an Amethyst” introduces an intense groovy blackened rhythmic rampage constantly fueled by the soaring guitar riffs while the wildly charismatic solos clearly showcase a timeless heavy metal flair.
Within the pitchblack dimension of “Hunt Again” the darkened guitar sound leads the way to a cryptic rhythmic maze shifting from faster & ferocious blasts, easily amplified by the venomous growls, to the dazzling classic metal style of the extensive solos.
“Fealty, Thunder Whip” begins with bleak atmospheric textures but as soon as the edgy guitar work takes over the rhythmic patterns become quasi chaotic due to the subtle discordant elements in contrast with the hypnotizing melodic accents of the slower passages.
The title track manifests a fascinating esoteric essence with an intriguing blend of retro rock vibes and arcane atmospheric nuances leading to slower dramatic moments and the excellent guitar work has a chance to shift the focus to an epic melodic grandeur.
Throughout “Goddess” Slægt continue to channel a primal blackened force but can easily surprise the audience with a remarkable experimental approach that combines a wide range of musical influences.

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