Misery Index – Complete Control

Baltimore death metal band Misery Index explores the chaotic modern age through the unrestrained guitar driven grooves of the seventh full-length “Complete Control”.
It all begins with the somber contemplative arpeggios of “Administer The Dagger” that will gradually unfold a vitriolic rhythmic ensemble channeling the primal essence of death metal through the angered growls and the breakneck speed.
The title track easily demonstrates the band’s massive groovy approach with an overdose of sharp guitar riffs that will reach the acme with the refined darkened nuances of the charismatic solo.
“Rites Of Cruelty” relies on the feverish savage guitar riffs and the frantic drumming to create oppressive rhythmic patterns yet the solemn atmospheric tapestries add diversity and support the fierce vocal delivery.
Within the pitchblack sonic realm of “Conspiracy Of None” the slower passages and the compelling melodic accents emphasize the expression of grim feelings but the faster precise drums will ultimately unleash sheer fury.
“Reciprocal Repulsion” puts the spotlight on the grinding death metal formula of the merciless rhythmic section skillfully enriched by the sophisticated melodic licks and the shredding galore of the extensive guitar solos.
With a two decades career Misery Index continue to manifest a harsh sonic vision through hostile dynamics and critical lyrics that today spontaneously generate the twisted soundscapes of the new album “Complete Control”.

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